Introduction of the Newest iPhone5 B
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Warmly welcome the new model of iPhone 5 Battery Case to the market.

This is a iPhone 5  Battery Case, which can not only charge your phone at any time, but also as a protective case of your phone, simple appearance, easy to operate in the office, you only need to put the phone battery clip inside, fastened to the back of the battery clip broke the plug, insert the plug into the socket, so you can charge your cell phone in the hotel, at home, as long as there is a power outlet, can charge your cell phone at any time let your phone never power; If not IPHONE5 series phones, it does not matter, you just insert one end of the power cable USB connector clip the battery's USB port, and the other end into the phone charging port, so you can for all types of charging mobile phones and tablet PCs

It's also very easy for use it in the car. Just need to insert the USB port into the car cigarette lighter, another end connected to the battery case, so you can charge your cell phone.  If outdoors, do not worry, the IPHONE5 battery case itself is also a mobile power when charging is required, simply click the switch button on it will automatically charge the phone; press the switch button off when not needed, the phone will stop charging.

In addition, it's also as a phone holder while watching the video, you can open a small stand behind the battery clip, so you can easily watch the video, close the stand when not in use.


Both US & EU style of built-in AC plug for your choice. Any questions pls call +86-755-3282 0394 or email to




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